Shoulder Tattoos for Women

shoulder tattoos for womenShoulder tattoos for women are considered sexy ways to assert one’s femininity without going all the way to full body art. Well, at least, most women will start with tattoos on their shoulders before moving on to sleeves and then to other ink designs on various parts of the body. Think of shoulder tattoos as just the beginning of a beautiful love affair with body art – truly, one of the highest forms of art man has known.

Location Matters

Shoulder tattoos are considered advantageous for many reasons. First, your pain is considerably less with shoulder tattoos than in other parts of the body like the ankles and feet. This is mainly because the shoulders have more flesh than bone making contact with the needles.

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Second, you can choose to either display or hide shoulder tattoos for women. If you must hide it, a simple shirt or a dressy blouse will suffice for the purpose. If you want to flaunt it, you have many choices from bikinis to tube and halter tops.

But of course, the location of the shoulder tattoos matters since there are specific places in which the designs can be placed so that it can be considered as, well, shoulder tattoos. Shoulder tattoos are located on the shoulder blade, on the shoulder’s back side or on the upper part of the shoulder stretching down a small part of the arm. When the tattoo stretches to a quarter or half or full length of the arm, we call it a sleeve.

In most cases, shoulder tattoos for women are placed on the left side as it is considered the femin ine side. This is with the assumption that only one tattoo is being inked. Both shoulders can be tattooed with mirror images, which is true in the case of angel or devil wings of any size.

Design Concerns

Yet another benefit of tattoos is their unisex quality. You can choose from among hundreds of designs that can fit both men and women with nobody the wiser for it. You can consider tattoos as a gender equalizer since no hard and fast rules are in place to tell anybody what kind of tattoos to sport on his/her body.

Still, you will find plenty of shoulder tattoos for women designed specifically for the gender. These designs usually look very feminine with stylized shapes, thinner lines and smaller sizes than those for the male population. You can even add revisions so that your boyfriend’s or husband’s shoulder tattoo has a feminized version on your shoulder as well. Yes, indeed, his-and-hers tattoos are cool.

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You have plenty of design choices for your shoulder tattoos. Like with all kinds of tattoos, we suggest finding a personal meaning to your chosen design so that you can live with it. If you have second doubts about a certain design, we suggest following your gut instinct.

Your choices include wings, zodiac signs, animals, flowers, heavenly objects, insects, crosses, and tribal designs, among others. No matter which of the hundreds of designs for shoulder tattoos for women you choose, keep in mind that it is your tattoo – wear it with pride.

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